Demonetized SMP Wiki

Players are any members of the SMP who have been whitelisted on the server. This does not necessarily mean they can play all the time, as there must be a moderator online for players to join the server, and players will be kicked from the server if the last moderator online at any time is disconnected.

However, having permission to play on the server does not give permission to do anything on the server unless a content creator says so. The following rules must be followed by all players unless it is part of a current roleplay bit, advised by a content creator. Doing so will result in the removal of their whitelist on the server

  • Players must not use any mods or resource packs that could provide an advantage over those without said mod or resource pack, except mods of the likes of Optifine
  • Players must not grief in any way (stealing, damage, building in large on someone else's property, killing)
  • Players must expect to lose things as part of the roleplay unless specifically brought up and are therefore advised not to grind for personal resources too much as not only could it provide too much power, but also result in upset if these resources or lost. However, players may bring specific resources up with content creators if they specifically don't want to lose them whether part of a roleplay or not.
  • Players must use common sense; if what they're doing could genuinely ruin the fun for someone or prevent an ongoing roleplay plot from continuing or if it's genuinely just mean, don't do it. This includes chat messages, so anything that could easily offend someone should not be said