Demonetized SMP Wiki

The promotional (or promo) video, called I am going to be a part of Demonetized SMP is a video uploaded by HopperElec, Poke Kippster and TheFuturisticIdiot to try and advertise the server during development. As decided by a few polls, HopperElec was to make the original format where the other content creators at the time would make their own edits to fit their own style, including voiceover. HopperElec ended up also editing together Poke Kippster's video by adding their voice lines to it while TheFuturisticIdiot fully redesigned the video using voiceovers from himself and FabelWings, who wasn't a content creator at the time. MrNBull, the only other content creator at the time, didn't wish to make a promotional video



Poke Kippster: