Demonetized SMP Wiki

The current completed parts of the script so far. If you want to see when some of the major events occurred, see the Timeline.

  • Hopper and Poke live in harmony in the central forest, Fabel moves to live in the dark oak forest and those who don't wish to live in the centre are told they can live in the Southerm plains biome (as shown on map)
  • Everyone collects resources and builds houses.
  • At some point, Poke decides he wants more power so makes his own nation in the jungle
  • Most of Hopper's members go to Poke's side
  • Many resources are left with Hopper allowing him to somewhat gear up
  • Poke officially makes a team (now called CME Empire)
  • As a result, Poke is forced to expand into Hopper's teritory in order to provide his members enough land to live on. However, Hopper doesn’t allow it
  • Poke is also going to burn down the jungle in order to provide land within it for his members to build on
  • Finally, Poke also gains too much power due to having lots of members gathering lots of resources, while Hopper and Fabel focus more on building.
  • Due to seeing the above, Hopper prepares for war and starts gearing up without the other team knowing. Ignore any following plot points if Hopper already has the resources from when Poke left to the jungle
  • Hopper officially makes a team (now called H.A.C.K)
  • H.A.C.K starts growing wheat and sugar cane
  • H.A.C.K uses the wheat breeding cows and sheep for wool and leather
  • H.A.C.K uses the sugar cane and leather to make bookshelves for an enchanting area
  • H.A.C.K uses the wool to make beds for netherrite