Demonetized SMP Wiki

The SMP is ran on a server with 69 player slots, in hard mode difficulty and with no changed gamerules, though this is due to change. The server is hosted through due to them being a sponsor of one of HopperElec's Planet Minecraft posts. It is to be hosted there for 3 months on the Standard Prime offer meaning an AMD Ryzen 3900X @ 4.6Ghz and 4GB of RAM. After this 3 months, there are plans to switch to HopperElec's home server. As selected through polls, the seed is randomly selected by the server and unknown by everyone, nor is there anything available for exploring the world remotely.

The server uses a fair few plugins. These are CoreProtect, LuckPerms, Orebfuscator, WitherAC, OpenInv, PLAN and three custom-coded plugins by HopperElec; JoinProtection, EnderGrief and Graves.

CoreProtect is used for moderators to investigate and rollback any griefing that has possibly occurred, LuckPerms is used to allow moderators moderation utilities such as spectator and CoreProtect, Orebfuscator is used to prevent X-ray, WitherAC is used to help moderators find cheaters, OpenInv is used to help moderators find and return stolen items, PLAN is used to get interesting statistics about the server and get a good idea of who is considered 'active', JoinProtection is used to make it so you can only be on the server when there's atleast one moderator online too, EnderGrief is used to stop endermen from stealing blocks and Graves is used to prevent items despawning, make it easier for people to find their stuff and prevent item loss when dying to lava, while still making people go back to where they died if they want their stuff.

Originally the server was ran on Aternos but it was far too laggy to handle the number of player slots and fairly advanced plugins that would be needed.