Demonetized SMP Wiki

If you want to see how some of the plot events were planned out or see more detail on previous plot events, see the Script

Timeline of all notable events that have happened regarding the dSMP
dd/mm/yy Event Description Image
29/11/20 Idea originated A couple years before, HopperElec brought up the idea of an SMP for Poke Kippster's channel, but at the time they didn't have enough members for it to be at all successful. However, on this day is when the idea was brought up again for a one-off gamenight for the Team Poke Kippster Discord server. This later became Demonetized SMP! Messages


Discord server created When lots of interest in the idea was seen, HopperElec decided it could be something separate to the Team Poke Kippster and be a long-term thing, so a Discord server was created. Audit log
30/11/20 Name chosen For the first day, the server was simply recognised as 'Unnamed SMP', however a couple polls were ran to choose the actual name. Polls
30/11/20 Server icon changed Originally, the server icon was just the YouTube demonetized icon but TheFuturisticIdiot wanted to make their own version of the icon intended to be more 'blocky' to resemble Minecraft's font. However, despite promising not to be upset if it wasn't used, he got upset when HopperElec stated that he didn't like it. Due to others liking the 'blocky' icon since they wanted it to be original, HopperElec made their own original icon using the YouTube demonetized icon as the S in SMP, which was preferred over TheFuturisticIdiot interpretation of it and so was voted as the new icon. Final poll
20/12/20 First plotline finished After lots of arguing about potential plotlines, the final decisions were ran through polls between creators where the plotline for Poke moving to the jungle and the was beginning was finally agreed upon.
24/12/20 Switched to Originally the server was ran on Aternos but it was far too laggy to handle the number of player slots and fairly advanced plugins that would be needed. So, HopperElec planned on running it on a home server PC he was wanting to have setup around Christmas. However, due to coronavirus, he wasn't going to get this sorted and so used some of the free credit he received from a sponsorship on a Planet Minecraft post he made a while before, but in order to get the most out of the server he waited until a few days before the planned release (27/12/20) before making the purchase and starting to set up the server.
29/12/20 Server release
30/11/20 Poke Kippster burns the central forest
01/01/21 CME Empire created The creation of the CME empire was announced and finalised through a screenshot posted by minionbenny in the smp-chat of the Discord server of Poke Kippster stood on a podium.
03/01/21 CME Empire moves to the jungle
04/01/21 HACK created